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Q – Are fleet sales included in the data?

A – Yes, currently all fleet sales are included in the figures.


Q – What are the five districts of Idaho that this program recognizes?

A – Five Districts Map


Q – What is the best time to view reports?

A – Previous month reports are best to view the 25th or later of the current month. Month To Date (MTD) reports are updated each week but report on information from two to three weeks prior sometimes causing MTD reports to show zero at the beginning of the month.

Q - When will my quarterly reports arrive in my inbox?

A - For Custom Reports, (Top 100, Geography Intell…) your scheduled Quarterly reports are automatically e-mailed the first day of the month following the end of the previous quarter”  (i.e. Q1 would be sent on May 1st). For Dealer District Reports, users do not have the option to schedule Quarterly reports by e-mail but may view and download them through users log in account.

Q – Can I delete or change a report if I no longer find it helpful?

A – Yes!  The way the package options work is if you are paying a month rate, you have unlimited access to create unlimited reports, delete reports and even change reports.


Q – Can I change my product options?

A- Yes!  At any time you wish to change your product options you can simply call (208) 853-4668.  The only charges that are associated with changing your options will be if you increase or decrease your package option.


Q – Is there any activation fee with applying?

A – No.  There is no preliminary activation fee, however; if a client chooses to cancel subscription and re-subscribe each re-subscription there will be a $50.00 re-activation fee.


Q - Does this program report on out of state sales?

A – No. The sales reported in this program are sales that have been titled in the state of Idaho.


Q- What does perfected title application mean?

A – A perfected title application is one that has no errors.  If any errors are made, or signatures missing, the application will go back to the seller to correct the error.  This does sometimes create a long delay in when the program may receive the data.  To learn more about Idaho’s title process please visit Titling Vehicles in Idaho.